Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A "Romantic Suspense" excerpt from RUNNING ON EMPTY:

All the way to Justice's house, I concentrated on my breathing and rehearsed my lines.

When he came to the door wearing only a pair of worn out jeans, my lines slipped off my tongue and into the mud beneath my tennis shoes. As hard as I tried, my eyes could not help but sweep across the well-defined chest and abs in front of me. Dammit.

One side of his mouth pulled up as he inched the door open wider. "Wow, this might me the fastest apology from you ever."

"I didn't come here to apologize." I eased past him through the doorway to stand on the kitchen rug, because suddenly the air was humid and sweltering and I needed some AC. Stat. "I came to ask a favor."

His green eyes narrowed. "Seems like the two should go together--apology first, favor second."

I tried to ignore the scent of Irish Spring wafting off his body and reached in my back pocket for the money. "Could you please pick up a carton of cigarettes and a bag of red Twizzlers for Billi Jo?"

He held out his hand to accept, and when I placed the money in it, he wrapped his fingers around mine. His touch was gentle and warm, and it made my stomach weak. I looked up into his eyes and read his expression and saw that he was no longer teasing. "River, we need to talk."

My heart pounded in my ears so loud I could barely distinguish it from the knock at the door.

With his finger to his lips, Justice stepped over to the kitchen window and brushed back the curtain enough to reveal a cop car sitting in the driveway. The blood drained out of my face and my hands started to tremble.

"Just a minute," Justice called out to the officer, and then pointed for me to hide in the laundry closet.

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