Some of my favorite reviews so far...

BOOK BLURB: “Raw, romantic, and suspenseful!”~Katie McGarry, Bestselling author of Dare You To

This will no doubt be compared with Thelma & Louise, and that is a pretty decent comparison.

 The River and Justice romance is a perfect example of friends to lovers: how they don’t want to mess up what they have and yet how they have a hard time struggling to see the other person with someone else.

Gripping. Intense.  Emotional. Powerful. Beautiful.  Running on Empty is an amazing coming of age story about finding strength when you least expect, and finding family in unexpected places.
Top Books of 2013

Overall this was a brilliant book full of twist and turns. Colette Ballard keeps the reader on their toes when many unexpected events take place and new shocking characters are introduced.

 As a high school English teacher, I am constantly looking for young adult fiction for my students. "Running on Empty" is a perfect book for high schoolers who love to read stories about real characters... River Daniels is about as real as they get!

 In the end, this book had it all, the totally swoon-worthy cowboy, heart-pounding action, a kick-butt main girl and a jealous boyfriend who doesn’t know the difference between rape and consensual sex.

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