Wednesday, July 2, 2014


    I started to file in the entry gate to join the other juniors who'd be receiving awards, but was stopped when a long, lean leg wearing skinny jeans and black boots stretched across the entryway. Looking like she'd just stepped out of some exotic cigarette ad, Kat let out a long stream of smoke as she leaned against a thick metal beam, her shiny, coffee-colored hair blowing in the breeze.
     "Where's Prince Charming?" She lifted her chin to the nearly full bleachers where Logan would've been taking a seat if he'd walked in with me. "I noticed you came in alone."
     "For your information," I lifted her leg and pushed it away from me like I was opening a latch on a stall door, then let it drop, "he's finishing up a phone call. He'll be here in a minute." I hooked my arm in hers and pulled her to the fence to avoid eavesdroppers.
     Kat opened her mouth to speak, but it turned into a smirk as something else caught her attention. "River, if you're going to waste all your time on a guy, why can't you waste it on a decent guy...somebody like Justice Braden?" She was talking to me, but her eyes followed Justice as he took his seat in the graduates' section.
     I elbowed her. "I grew up with Justice. We think of each other like brother and sister." Not to mention I was still annoyed with him for interrogating me about Logan.
     She raised her eyebrows. "Speak for yourself."
     "Uh-uh." I gripped the cross-hatched wire fencing next to me. "He made it clear how he felt about me a long time ago."
     She rolled her eyes. "Yeah, in eighth-f___ing-grade."
     I held up a finger. "Ninth." I shifted my attention to smoothing the skirt of my dress. "And if you like him so much, why don't you date him?"
     "You know my rules about guys. Besides, he doesn't look at me the same way he does you." The corners around her eyes crinkled as she took a drag off her cigarette.
     "In case you missed it, Logan is my boyfriend." I unhitched my fingers from the fencing and jerked when my thumb caught a jagged edge.
     "Mistake," she sang under her breath as I started for the football field.

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