Tuesday, November 11, 2014

RELEASE DATE for Book Two!

It's official: The release date for TEMPORARY HIGH is May 26! :)

Don't forget to add TH to your goodreads shelf:


Excerpt from Chapter one:

     The side of his mouth quirked up as he studied me. "I think I might be fallin' in love."
     I picked up the keys off the bedside table and tossed them to him. "That makes one of us."
     He clutched at his heart in mock pain. Then his perfect red lips formed the word, "Liar."

     I took one last draw off his cigarette and delighted in its sizzle when I deposited it into a near-empty bottle of water. Then I followed him down a set of groaning wooden steps that led to the garage where he kept his bike.

     Hard as I tried, I couldn't deny that I loved everything about the time I spent with Luca. I loved the way he pushed his hair back into a ponytail before he slid onto his motorcycle, the way his black t-shirt hugged his biceps, partially concealing the tattoo wrapped around his left one. I loved the feel of my wrists resting against the worn fabric of his blue jeans, and the wind whipping through my hair as the bike accelerated. 

     But most of all, I loved the smooth purr his Harley Davidson made right before he sent it exploding down the highway--the two of us becoming one with that beautiful, powerful machine. Everything about those moments with him signified power, risk, escape, and freedom. And those were the things I lived for.

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